Our agile product team helps quickly bring to market unparalleled experiences that are stunning, functional, and reliable.

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Fundamentally, product innovation is absolutely necessary to build a future for a company. Product innovation is the introduction of new goods or services that reach the market, or significant improvements to products already on the market.

Businesses are constantly seeking new ways to gain an advantage – or stay ahead – over their competitors to strengthen their market position and community engagement. As new technologies emerge, consumer expectations rise to revolve around how they can best connect with their favorite brands, services, and media outlets. In return, progressive organizations that quickly bring new or improved products, services and experiences to market are often rewarded.

At Menikmati, we look at the bigger picture…in real time. We practice agile development in order to rapidly release products and services with improved delivery methods. Our prioritization of continued delivery over time allows us to collect data, analyze user behavior, integrate needs, and implement iterations to improve the end product. We work with implementing the latest technologies that fit your business objectives, and practice using only the most stable and modern languages.

We manage every piece to the process, from research to final product delivery and implementation, so that businesses can reach more people in smarter and efficient ways.

Solutions - Web Development

Web Development

We build functional podiums for businesses and brands to develop the necessary web presence that allows them to get in touch with their audience in the most impactful way.

Client-side & Server-side Scripting · Website · Database Technology · Information Architecture · Landing Pages·  Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)·  Customization

Solutions - Mobile and Web App

Mobile & Web Apps

We craft beautiful apps for mobile and web that are functional, stable, and scalable. Whether your project is an on-demand B2C mobile app or an internal web tool to streamline your business operations, we can build native and hybrid apps on every platform to engage a community effectively.

iOS · Android · Web · Prototyping · MVP Development

Solutions Ecommerce build


The world is your storefront. When selling products or services online, the buying experience is the lifeline of your business. We skin modern ecommerce platforms with world-class designs to build shops that handle transactions at scale, are secure, and give your customers the experience they expect. Our full-stack solutions center around growth whether your sales environment is small or at an enterprise level.

We’ve worked with technologies like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop, osCommerce, and Squarespace.

Ecommerce Platforms  · Analytics · Data Architecture · Integrated Front-to-Back Office Systems · Feature Customization · Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Solutions CMS integration

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Carefully crafted and engaging content is king. Your CMS will need to provide a canvas creatives can understand while offering an extendable backend framework to handle growth. We help find and implement the right solution to streamline content publishing, increase efficiency, and open extensibility. Open source or SaaS, we’ll put you under the right roof or help migrate you to a new one.

We’ve helped our clients find their sweet spot with WordPress, Drupal, Adobe Experience Manager, Joomla!, Craft, Webflow, Huddle, Contentful, and Squarespace.

CMS Integration & Migration · Expansion (3rd Party Integration & Customization) · System Automation

real-time messaging with chatbots


Chatbots have a growing value proposition in its utility across sales, marketing, and support. We take advantage of natural language processing AI to create the most intelligent and human-like conversations.

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Strategy Planning · Scripting · Design & Development · Growth

Solutions VR Ar Develpment

Emerging Media

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are still in its infancy but are making an exploding effect on media. We help strategize and build the right opportunity to create unique content that immerses your audience in the most captivating way. Our engineering team has a history of building complex 3D environments for motion pictures and gaming which translates to a sea of experience in VR/AR development. We’ll help you make the jump to the next level of media adoption.

AR · VR · 360 Video · ARKit

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