Product and Service Design

Our user-centric design approach helps champion beautiful, useful, and engaging experiences that solve real problems.

Product and Service Design

Our point of view.

User experience (UX) is how an individual feels when interacting with a digital product or service. In some applications, this can expand into real-world environments through experiential efforts.  UX encompasses a lot of factors controlled by designers and developers, and some that are environmental or just user preference. These factors include usability, accessibility, performance, aesthetics, utility, ergonomics, human interaction, and #Marketing. While UX design touches the user on a more emotional level, usability and smart intuition pioneer the effectiveness and overall user experience.

Why is research and feedback important to the UX process? Why is approaching user experience so meticulous?

Simply put, your end user is the most important piece, and you need to know that. What good is beautiful interaction design when the user doesn’t understand how to navigate it. Great design will help you identify business goals, understand your audience, improve organization and content creation, and grow and retain a community.

We value cross-functional teams across leadership, marketing, sales, #BusinessStrategy, and #Engineering to build collaborative milestones for informed experience design. Our approach focuses on world-class designs that follow usability best practices, and are emotionally engaging. After we ship an MVP, we study user insights to provide continuous refinement that’s intuitive and functional.

Our goal is to help forge lasting bonds between brands and consumers through designs that provide value and tell a great story.

Product Design Wireframe

Product Design

Design lies as one of the key components to becoming truly innovative. Design = value = problem solving = love = money.

Many products solve hyper-specific consumer problems, but very few have the design execution to standout and grow. Approaching product development with design in mind will give you the retention that is vital in the digital world. Other products may be more feature-rich to start, but a thoughtful UX gives you the necessary framework for iterative innovation.

We design digital experiences for web and mobile with emotional feedback and usability in mind. We strive to create lovable – not just viable – experiences that are beautiful, smart, addictive, and value-driven.

UX Research · Usability Testing · Personas & Archetypes · Wireframes · Storyboarding · Concept Testing · UX Design · Interface (UI) Design · Low & High Fidelity Prototyping · Experience & Conversion Mapping · Pixel-Perfect Assets

Service Design

Service Design

As a part of the consumer journey, service design works in hand with the product experience to define how a service is delivered with consumer needs in mind.

We collaborate with the business strategy team to define all major touchpoints, interactions, and platforms effective to the growth of a business. We’ll help blueprint the best delivery platforms with the right organization restructuring to form the foundation needed to support the launch and management of a new product or service.

Consumer Experience Strategy · UX Design · Systems Integration · Organization Planning

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