Business Strategy

Menikmati helps position businesses for digital disruption by designing new business models that take products and services to market faster.

Business Strategy

Our point of view.

Rapid advancing technology is paving a new path that empowers consumers to reach the products and services they need more effectively. In order for businesses to successfully stay relevant, they need to make functional decisions that achieve long-term objectives while anticipating future trends.

What strategic technological successes can a business explore or exploit?

Which ones produce a competitive advantage in existing markets by adding value to the end user while supporting business monetization?

Which ones promise to evolve and outpace growth in our category?

The Menikmati strategy team embraces #Technology to answer the toughest questions to measurable business growth. We dive deep into user insights to understand how to plan for an ecosystem that enables businesses to operate and expand in a growing connected world. From internal systems to business enterprise products, our team provides end-to-end support throughout the strategy’s entire lifecycle.

Business Strategy Growth Opportunities

Growth Opportunities

Identifying new growth opportunities as they emerge is the key to securing a competitive edge in crowded and fast-expanding markets.

We start by learning your core business from the inside out. Our collaborative program prioritizes ideas through research and detection exercises that surface megatrends that are reshaping industries and markets. Know when and how to compete with a tangible opportunity and working concept.

Product Innovation · Product / Brand / Marketing Strategy · Foundational Assessment · Research · Ideation · Market Positioning · Customer Segmentation · Validation & Risk Analysis · Investment Planning · Blue & Red Ocean Strategies · Design · Prototyping · Proof of Concept

User Experience Strategy

Experience Strategy

Great experiences translate to strong, lasting relationships. Consumer experience (CX) is defined by interactions between a consumer and an organization throughout their business relationship. An interaction can include awareness, discovery, cultivation, advocacy, purchases and service.

We study existing consumer insights and KPIs to understand how consumers interact across all touchpoints while anticipating shifts in consumer expectations. Menikmati combines human-centered design with cutting-edge technology to deliver compelling brand-to-consumer experiences that are feasible to execute, and create real consumer value that can be held over time.

Mission Development · Brand Touchpoints · Product & Service Design · Consumer Evaluation · Consumer Journey Mapping · Performance Analysis · CRM Integration

Business Strategy Operational Technical

Operational & Technical Systems

We work closely with our clients to build internal infrastructures that introduce and support new products and services when going to market. From teams to standard operating procedures to technology stacks, we help identify and implement all the pieces needed in the retention and success of a new experience.

Systems Integration · Team Development · SOP Implementation · Technology · Automation

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