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We build brand strategies cultivated from a vision and centered around an audience to deliver a purposeful narrative that people believe and love.

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Our point of view.

Who are you? Why do you exist? How do you take a belief and convert it into a value-driven business?

Your brand is much more than the visual #Design – the logo, the colors, the typefaces. It’s also how you sound, how your employees answer the phone, and your company culture. It’s what sort of experience you offer and how you relate to your audience. A brand is the extension of a vision, an individual, and a team. Making a great first impression involves deeply rooting identity and personality to the core #BusinessStrategy. When translating this idea to consumers, the digital era enables businesses to engage consumers with many new touchpoints. The goal is to understand why you exist, and to build a value-driven consumer perception that uniquely positions your business in the market.

At Menikmati, we help find the sweet spot between consumer acquisition and creative storytelling while providing a visceral experience that people love. Our framework is centered around purpose and belief. We help companies believe in what they do, and articulate that narrative to an audience that shares the same feelings.

Branding reflects your DNA, your mission and your values.

Brand Experience Strategy

Brand Experience Strategy

At it’s foundation, your experience strategy is the pilot to your brand’s success. Your mission converts into a business that drives choice, creates value, and builds trust. In order to better connect with your audience, your brand needs to have a compelling experience factor.

Our strategists collaborate with you to extract opportunities to develop an experience that separates you from the rest. We use a blend of traditional and non-traditional exercises to establish your foundation and market strategy while always keeping the consumer in mind.

Our process entails discovery, definition, visual identity, awareness, and measurement.

Competitive Audit · Consumer Needs & Trends Analysis · Consumer Segmentation · Brand Modeling · Culture Development · Engagement Strategy · Consumer Experience Strategy · Brand Identity · Comm & Marketing Campaigns · Brand Management · Consumer Feedback & Campaign Analysis

Brand Visual Identity Design

Visual Identity

We create coherent brand and company identities uniquely purposed for all forms of media and environments. We immerse ourselves in your mission to deliver visuals that evoke recognition, feelings, and experiences in the most meaningful way.

Logo Design · Graphic Elements · Iconography · Brand & Style Guides · Digital Assets (Mobile & Web) · Corporate, Environment, & Editorial Assets

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