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It takes two to make a thing go right

We nerd out together to turn great ideas into smart, engaging, and innovative experiences.

What we’re doing.

Based in Los Angeles, Menikmati is a nomadic digital strategy group with a think differently and results-driven culture. We’re helping create more visibility between technology delivery and performance based brand marketing.

Our approach entails the smarts you’d expect from a traditional consulting firm with the creative execution you’d expect from an agency.

Why we’re doing it.

The gap between having a technology strategy and marketing strategy is slowly closing.

Successful brands are manifested by a series of connected – and often disconnected – experiences a consumer has with a business across many channels. Our clients come to us to help solve this disconnect by streamlining the connectivity in marketing/creative, technology and business.

The integration of purposeful branding, performance tactics, and content expertise with strategic technology services makes us a more valuable partner to our clients.

How we’re doing it.

We think about marketing holistically where dialogue is established across touchpoints. This thought fundamentally puts human-centered design at the forefront.

We’re always aiming to design and create the best-in-class digital experience for our clients. These experiences should serve and exceed consumer expectations while also building brand loyalty. We’re heavily guided by a philosophy comprised of looping principles: vision, strategy, design, execution, and feedback.

We see your brand and business as a universe. We make sure our #Solutions come from this universe by connecting the dots to craft a seamless story across all the touchpoints of your brand.

How we make moves.

Solving challenges with a dedicated team and true collaboration.

An extension of your team.


We value our clients as an integral piece to our interdisciplinary team. Our collaboration means constantly pushing forward as a partnership that continues to challenge ideals and transform big ideas.

The growth process.

The evolution of something great.



Differentiate and Simplifiy

& Simplify




& Celebrate



The Story. A word from Founder, Jerel De Peralta.

After graduating from UCLA, Jerel’s roots started in entertainment. Jerel spent several years at CAA with the business development group helping pair A-list talent with emerging opportunities in mobile, and investing in early stage tech startups. Jerel’s assistance helped bring mobile titles like Demi Lovato: Path to Fame and Sniper X with Jason Statham to market.

Jerel founded Menikmati in 2017 with a passion to help individuals and brands disrupt their industry at scale with authentic digital experiences.

A mission was born.

The problem with approaching digital innovation is that exploration frequently starts with a business desire defined by new technologies or competitor efforts.  At Menikmati, we think differently. We start at the soul with consumer needs and individual purpose to spark great ideas. When aligned with business needs, we help identify technology solutions to execute an experience that represents your consumers.

Value comes in all shapes and forms – culture, competitive prices, service differentiation, etc. When that value is inherently realized from the inside out, people begin to fall in love and more eyes start to look. We’re here to help find and deliver that value.

We’re users. We’re consumers. We’re curious. We know what we want, and it’s our goal to grow your business with what your audience wants.

Behind the name.

Menikmati means enjoy in Indonesian.

The cool answer?

Jerel grew up skateboarding, and the sport’s creative culture still remains as a huge piece of who he is. Menikmati, a film produced by eS Skateboarding, pushed the bar in what it means to create skateboarding videos. With innovative cinematography and a production value second to none (cheers French Fred), Menikmati set the precedent on what creative filmmaking in skateboarding was in the early 2000s, and its disruption continues to evolve today.

This is Menikmati Labs.

Sounds fun? Let’s play.

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